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1932 Ford Floorboard Set

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Now available is the #1 and #2 wooden floorboards for 1932 Fords. These floorboards are made exactly like the original using the information in the Ford factory blueprints. They are made from very high-quality plywood and is the same thickness and ply count as the original floorboards. This is a very flat Grade AA plywood and is less prone to warping than other plywood types, which makes it a great upgrade over the factory plywood that was used. 

Sold as a set. You will receive both floorboards. 

Note: There are a few options available. You can order the "Original Version" which includes the Oiler Hole and the Carpet Retainer Socket Holes, or you can order the Modified Version which will not have these holes. There is also the Custom Version which is the same #1 floorboard (toeboard) as the Modified Version, but the #2 floorboard with not have the battery access hole. Please make sure to select the correct style you are looking for. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with this. 

Made in the USA by NW Classic Parts