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NW Classic Parts

1935 - 1939 Ford Pickup Seat Base (Will not fit big trucks)

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Now available is the wooden seat base for 1935 thru 1939 Ford Pickups. This brand new seat base is made exactly like the original using the information in the Ford factory blueprints including all of the correct recessed areas as seen on the bottom. This seat base is made from 5/8” thick A-A grade Marine plywood. This plywood is nearly void-free, moisture resistant, and less prone to warping than other plywood types, which makes it a great upgrade over the factory plywood that was used, however sealing is still recommended. The threaded inserts and hardware are just like originals that were used and they are included with the seat base. The 3 hole seat adjustment reinforcement plates also included in addition to the tack to attach them to the base.   

Made in the USA by NW Classic Parts

 Note: This seat base will not fit the big trucks. The Big Truck seat base is now available and can be found in our online catalog.