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Replacement Grille Bar for 1935 - 1936 Ford Pickups and Trucks

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If you have a 35 or 36 Ford pickup or truck and the grill has a damaged, destroyed or completely missing grill bars, then these are the pieces you’re looking for to repair your otherwise perfect grill. These grill bars are die stamped from 20g cold rolled steel. They are 11” long grill bars with the exact same profile as the original grill. Use these to extend the bars integrated into the crank hole repair piece we sell or use them elsewhere on your grill. 11” is long enough to repair or replace any bar on 35 and 36 pickup or truck grills. It is possible that these have the same profile as other early Ford grilles, but I cannot be certain. 

Sold individually.

If your crank hole is damaged or missing, please check out our new crank hole repair section stamping. 

Made in the USA